Tim Andreadis

Vice President | Division Director, Decorative Arts & Design | Head of Department

20th Century Design

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Specialist Stories
George Nakashima (1905-1990) exceptional Minguren I coffee table, Sold for $101,575

Finding the Extraordinary in the Everyday

Our yearly Pennsylvania Sale is one of my favorite auctions of the year.  Highlighting works by George Nakashima, Paul Evans, Wharton Esherick, & Phillip Lloyd Powell, the sale presents exemplary work by these artisans sourced almost exclusively from private family collections.  As America’s oldest auction house and Pennsylvania’s largest, it’s no surprise that many consignors turn to Freeman’s for the sale of Pennsylvania studio craft from the post-war period.  There’s something new I discover about these craftsmen in almost every piece I handle.  From the frenetic movement of Esherick’s most pivotal works to the ingenuity and persistence of Paul Evans and his dedicated team of artisans, these Pennsylvanians possessed an unyielding sense of purpose and single-minded vision.

This summer I was invited to the residence of a prominent Reading family whose father had purchased several works from George Nakashima’s studio over the course of a decade-long relationship with the artist.  A beautiful three-door cabinet with pandanus cloth doors graced the family’s dining room.  Three-legged side tables, chests of drawers, and bed headboards were found throughout the home, their utility and simplicity of design both at once disguises and bears forth their true impact.  There is an undeniable gravity in a piece of Nakashima furniture; pulling the everyday into the realm of the extraordinary.  Like many proud owners of Nakashima furniture with whom I’ve worked, there exists a reverence toward a dining table or armchair, a profound understanding of the way in which this furniture has enriched their lives.  I feel so fortunate to work in that sacred domain between an owner and their possessions, where the collector in all of us knows that within that space between acquisition and deacquisition lies the range of human emotion and that which can never be codified in the material world.  


Tim Andreadis serves as Head of Freeman's 20th Century Design department. His areas of specialty include studio and contemporary craft, post-war and pre-war design.

Mr. Andreadis joined Freeman's in 2013. Prior to joining Freeman’s, Andreadis was a 20th century design specialist at another prominent east coast auction house and has also worked as a private dealer. Within the short time Mr. Andreadis has been with Freeman's, he has brought key works of 20th century and midcentury modern design to market, including important examples by Wharton Esherick, George Nakashima, Paul Evans, and Finn Juhl.  In addition to Freeman’s bi-annual 20th Century Design sales, Andreadis oversees Freeman’s annual Pennsylvania Sale, which celebrates artists from the region including Samuel Yellin, Harry Bertoia, Wharton Esherick, George Nakashima, Paul Evans, and Phillip Lloyd Powell.

Mr. Andreadis is a graduate of Dartmouth College and also holds an MA from the University of Delaware’s Winterthur Program in American Material Culture.  He has written and lectured on 20th century design and is an active member of the Society of Winterthur Fellows, the Decorative Arts Trust, the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass, and American Institute for Conservation of Art and Historic Works.  Andreadis splits his time between Philadelphia and his home in Carversville, Pennsylvania, just a short distance from the Nakashima studio in New Hope.  Mr. Andreadis considers his work to be his passion, and his love of 20th century design extends far beyond the doors of Freeman's.