Dunham Townend

Specialist | Modern and Contemporary Art & Client Development Specialist

Modern & Contemporary Art

2400 Market Street


Call: 267.414.1221

Email: dtownend@freemansauction.com


Dunham Townend serves as Department Head for Freeman’s Modern and Contemporary Art Department.  She specializes in American Modernism, Post-War Art and Contemporary Paintings and Sculpture. 

Ms. Townend  joined Freeman’s in the Fall of 2014.  Prior to joining the firm, she spent nine years at New York’s Hirschl & Adler Galleries, where she specialized in American Art from the Modern, Post-War and Contemporary periods.  During her tenure at the gallery, she curated many large scale exhibitions, both in the gallery and at major art fairs across the country.  In addition, she played an important role in business and client development, and was responsible for bringing many significant works of art to the marketplace for sale. 

Ms. Townend  graduated cum laude from Princeton University, with departmental honors in Art History and the Senior Thesis Prize for independent work in the American Arts.  A native of the Philadelphia area, she enjoys exploring the city and its numerous cultural and historical landmarks. Ms. Townend made her Antiques Roadshow debut in Season 20 as a specialist of Paintings & Drawings.

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