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Freeman's Musical Instruments department is proudly comprised of international specialists long renowned for their successful handling of fine musical instruments sales. From violins, violas, violoncelli, basses, and guitars, Freeman’s is pleased to offer a department that specializes in the sale of high-quality stringed and fretted instruments.

Philadelphia’s vibrant cultural life has attracted musical instrument makers to the city from the earliest days of its settlement.  In the eighteenth century Peter Young created citterns, also known as English guitars, for the city’s musicians.  The rapid growth of the city in the nineteenth century provided opportunities for dozens of violin makers like John Pfaff, Joseph Neff, Charles Voigt and three generations of the Albert family.  The development of an industrial sector attracted brasswind makers like William Seefeldt and J.W. Pepper, and new interests in entertainment provided opportunities for guitar and banjo manufacturers like S.S. Stewart and George Bauer, among many others.
Before placing their stamp on history, these ingenious and entrepreneurial artisans were aesthetically influenced by the masterful European workshops at which they trained.   Their work was enhanced by the innovation and artistry of 17th and 18th century violins crafted by the Amati brothers, Antonio Stradivari and his heirs, and the Guadagnini and Gagliano families in Naples and Venice.  Subsequent generations developed schools of craftsmanship that expanded throughout continental Europe and north to the British Isles and beyond.
Freeman’s Musical Instruments auctions are set against the backdrop of this rich history, focused on bringing together the highest quality instruments that represent generations of craftsmanship and a diversity of work from around the world. Please contact one of our specialists to schedule an appointment for your private and complimentary consultation.

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