British & European Furniture & Decorative Art

Freeman’s British and European Furniture and Decorative Arts specialists have an international reputation for competitive and stylish auctions of fine European property. Our sales regularly include an array of exceptional and rare pieces of Continental origin, including the arts of France, Austria, Germany, Italy, and Russia.

Collecting Categories:

  • British Furniture & Decorative Arts

  • European Furniture & Decorative Arts

  • Silver & Objets de Vertu

  • Russian Works of Art

  • Medieval Works of Art

  • Middle Easter & Islamic Works of Art

  • Antiqutities

  • African & Oceanic Art

  • Oriental Rugs & Carpets

  • Arms & Armor

  • Works from the Grand Tour

  • Clocks and Scientific Instruments

  • 18th & 19th Century Sculpture and Bronzes

Artists & Designers of Interest: 

  • Louis Vuitton

  • Sèvres

  • K.P.M.

  • Meissen

  • Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory

  • Karl Fabergé and competitors including Feodor Rückert and Ivan Khlebnikov

  • Signed 18th & 19th century French Furniture

Our specialists’ well-honed expertise with relevant styles, periods, and designers complements our in-depth understanding of the current commercial market for this rarefied category; their established personal relationships with vendors in New York, London, Paris, Brussels, Moscow, and beyond provide a direct link to these important markets. 

Recently, Freeman’s expertly handled the sale of The Collection of Ambassador and Mrs. Alexander & Virginia Weddell | The Virginia House Museum. Following a comprehensive marketing campaign and personal outreach targeted to a global audience, the sale resulted in a 97% sell-through rate and an unprecedented number of new and established bidder registrants—including important museums and institutions.


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“ In 2017 my father, Georges Perrier, reached out to Freemans to auction his considerable collection that he amassed over decades.

As one can imagine finding the right auction house to care for and respect the work was paramount.

Freemans’ exceptional knowledge and respect for his collection brought the desired sense of ease and confidence that our family was searching for.

The collection was displayed, including in the catalogue, thoughtfully and truly showed the uniqueness of each piece.

The objects are now appreciated and loved by new families and some pieces are in museums for thousands to see.

By the end of our experience with Freemans we felt a close bond with all who helped us, which still exists to this day.

We are forever grateful.”

—Geneviève Perrier


Single-Owner Collection Successes

Across Continents: Property from the Collection of Ambassador & Mrs. Alexander Weddell | The Virginia House Museum

Final Sale Total: $1,570,000

Pre-Sale Estimate: $569,000 - $864,400


The Collection of Victor Niederhoffer

Final Sale Total: $1,267,081

Pre-Sale Estimate: $574,000 - $902,000


Selected Contents of Vaux Hill: The Collectino of Robert & Barbara Safford

Final Sale Total: $3,900,000

Pre-Sale Estimate: $930,000 - $1,380,000


The Jeff Hunter Collection | Antiquities & Tribal Art

Final Sale Total: $532,968

Pre-Sale Estimate: $162,200 - $259,400


La Collection Georges Perrier

Final Sale Total: $207,338

Pre-Sale Estimate: $111,300 - $173,200